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"I believe connection and belonging creates healthy communities. Good Leaders care about the people who live in their community."

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I've been pretty quiet for the past month or more. I've been getting ready for the next phase of my life I suppose. Post campaign-global pandemic Vangie. I think after the CDC said that people who are fully vaccinated don't have to mask or social distance anymore it opened the door to folks thinking the world is going back to normal. But, what is normal? I'm not even sure if I can remember what my life was like before March 2020. Before the pandemic my life was already turning upside down and I was trying to survive just living my life as is. I've really been able to learn who I am outside all the stuff and distraction of everyday business. I have spent the last three years learning how to enjoy being alone with myself.  


Someone told me once, It's not up to us to give others forgiveness. Sure we can forgive children when they make mistakes they are children. We can tell them, "I forgive you. Don't do it again." But, as adults we should know better and when we know better we should do better. That's what Maya Angelo said, anyway. I've come to realize if you don't want to forgive someone, you don't have to. And that thing about having to forgive to move one, and you're doing it for yourself is a bunch of privileged hooey. If one seeks forgiveness and redemption that's a road best taken alone. I am in no place to forgive anyone except myself. I can forgive myself for staying in s#itty situations longer than I needed to or for making mistakes when I knew better. That's all the power I have. 


We shouldn't be making excuses for other people to be s#itty human beings just because. Why? That whole forgive but don't forget line of thinking is very flawed. Don't forgive. Don't forget. Hold people accountable and force folks to change their behavior if they truly want forgiveness. But, don't just say okay and let them be jerks over and over again. That's why we can't have nice things. Because we as a society are invested in upholding mediocre white supremacy and toxic masculinity. Ugh. Is that what you want? Do you all think that the Dude-bro culture is so awesome that we should protect it from being held accountable for being oppressive towards females and basically everyone else? 


Remember Bill and Ted, the ultimate Dude-Bros. They always said,  

"Be excellent." However, the current dude-bro culture is just a bunch of mediocre dudes who try to act like 20 year olds in their 40s. Gross.  


Do better. Be better. Be excellent. 


Thank you for attending my most excellent BILL & TED Talk. 


It's very important to Annie Mack that at this time in her life she's intentionally curating spaces that provide safety and freedom for BIPOC folx to show up authentically as a Middle-aged, Queer Black Woman, Mother, and Creative. 

"Healing Justice is the holistic pursuit and reclamation of Sprit, Body, Emotional and Environmental well-being." (Intellectual property of Kindred Southern Healing Justice Collective) 

‌To Annie this podcast is Healing Justice as well as a Militant pursuit of Black and Brown Joy. 

Exploring in conversation sexuality, pleasure, frustration, beauty, laughter, and allowing room for mistakes while learning and growth. Normalizing that we don't have to be excellent to gain respect or to be the exception. We get to be HUMAN!!!! Throughout her life, she has been limited by societal expectations which told her that she doesn't get to be part of deciding or living on her own terms. 

This podcast IS about two badass friends getting together having real and honest conversations with each other and so much more. 

Vangie Castro, has worked in the DEI profession for over 15 years, take in account their activism in high school, they've been fighting hate and discrimination for over 25 years. And, they are tired. For them, this podcast is about calling out the glaring obvious that is happening to all underserved and marginalized peoples in today's current social and political climate. Vangie thinks concepts like "Leaning In" is bullshit white centered propaganda that continues to oppress women and reinforces neo-capitalism (google this term).  

Instead of trying to be all "Kum ba yah" with my colonizer and meeting Nazi's where they are, I'm tired of doling out DEI lite education, and want to move towards addressing racism and discrimination of all forms by looking deeply at the root issues of people's bigotry, bias, and prejudices. 

Both, Annie and Vangie are using this opportunity to find a pathway to healing. Generational trauma and maybe community and individual relationships. Thank you and welcome to our podcast.  


Trigger Warning: 

Be warned there may be trigger conversations about abuse, sex, childhood trauma, death, and topics many folks would feel challenging and uncomfortable. 



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