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It's very important to Annie Mack that at this time in her life she's intentionally curating spaces that provide safety and freedom for BIPOC folx to show up authentically as a Middle-aged, Queer Black Woman, Mother, and Creative. 

"Healing Justice is the holistic pursuit and reclamation of Sprit, Body, Emotional and Environmental well-being." (Intellectual property of Kindred Southern Healing Justice Collective) 

‌To Annie this podcast is Healing Justice as well as a Militant pursuit of Black and Brown Joy. 

Exploring in conversation sexuality, pleasure, frustration, beauty, laughter, and allowing room for mistakes while learning and growth. Normalizing that we don't have to be excellent to gain respect or to be the exception. We get to be HUMAN!!!! Throughout her life, she has been limited by societal expectations which told her that she doesn't get to be part of deciding or living on her own terms. 

This podcast IS about two badass friends getting together having real and honest conversations with each other and so much more. 

Vangie Castro, has worked in the DEI profession for over 15 years, take in account their activism in high school, they've been fighting hate and discrimination for over 25 years. And, they are tired. For them, this podcast is about calling out the glaring obvious that is happening to all underserved and marginalized peoples in today's current social and political climate. Vangie thinks concepts like "Leaning In" is bullshit white centered propaganda that continues to oppress women and reinforces neo-capitalism (google this term). 


Instead of trying to be all "Kum ba yah" with my colonizer and meeting Nazi's where they are, I'm tired of doling out DEI lite education, and want to move towards addressing racism and discrimination of all forms by looking deeply at the root issues of people's bigotry, bias, and prejudices. 

Both, Annie and Vangie are using this opportunity to find a pathway to healing. Generational trauma and maybe community and individual relationships. Thank you and welcome to our podcast.  

Trigger Warning: 

Be warned there may be trigger conversations about abuse, sex, childhood trauma, death, and topics many folks would feel challenging and uncomfortable. 

Episode 1 (Pilot): The Bucket List

One of my Bucket List items is to do a podcast with Annie Mack. Our plan is to do a pilot and see if people like it and if they do, maybe we'll do more episodes. What's on YOUR Bucket List?


Learn more about us:

Annie Macke

Vangie Castro 2PoC2Queers

Podcast Channel Intro and Outro music


"Shadow of a Kingdome," by Annie Mack 


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Episode 2: Tone Policing

Annie Mack and Vangie Castro live in Rochester, MN the third largest city in Minnesota, the state of 10,000 lakes and Minnesota Nice. What does that actually mean when put in practice? Tone policing is a tactic used by the privileged to silence the voices of marginalized people when it comes to addressing issues of social justice, equity, and white supremacy.

Episode 3: Black & Brown Excellence

Annie Mack and Vangie Castro discuss how Black & Brown Excellence can be a heavy burden instead of providing self validation. And is it possible for BIPOC communities to reclaim Black and brown joy and excellence.


“Black excellence is, in fact, our ancestor’s wildest dreams. It is what we, as people of African descent, strive for each and every day. It is the lifeblood of what keeps us going when it seems our humanity is being questioned. Black excellence is me and every other Black person working towards the advancement of our people (Ndeh “Will” Anyu).”

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