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House 26B
"Minnesota is ready for a new generation of leadership Sara Flick is a working mom with more than a decade of experience in economic development and startups. Sara is an advocate for people-centered economic growth, paid family and medical leave, and fully-funded education. When elected, Sara will work to build a sustainable, equitable economy in Minnesota by investing in people first."
Liz Boldon House 25B
"This is a critical time and the stakes in this election could not be higher. I’m so hopeful for our future and I know I have the skills, experience, and persistence to work towards meaningful solutions for everyone. I want to build an inclusive and just Minnesota where everyone matters, everyone counts and everyone is valued, because we are ALL IN this together. Liz's priorities are building a democracy that honors every person’s dignity and a caring economy that allows everyone to thrive."
Dr. Aleta Borrud Senate 26
"I am a doctor, trained in public health, who has devoted my life to service, working to make healthcare affordable and accessible to everyone. Because of my advocacy and coalition work, I have had leadership roles during my career as a physician, and with many community organizations. "
Kim Hicks House 25A
"I work fearlessly and passionately for families and people in Southeastern Minnesota because the system is not working for everyone. The system should work the same for everyone. Along with my amazing husband LaMar Hicks we are raising four children. This year we have senior, sixth grader, fourth grader and Kindergartener. I worry about their futures. How will they be successful with rising education costs, housing cost, healthcare costs, and environmental destruction?"
Tina Liebling for House 26A
“The COVID-19 pandemic also continues to present unpredictable challenges. We must continue working to protect Minnesotans from the virus, slow the spread, and reduce the economic and other impacts. To that end, I am working on critical support for disability services. I am also optimistic that we can reach agreement on a strong capital investment package that invests in important infrastructure projects and creates good-paying jobs."
Randy Brock for House 26B
"My family put down roots here, and we can’t imagine a better place to live. But it’s time to acknowledge that many of us are facing significant challenges in a world that’s changing rapidly. We need to ensure the health, safety and education of every resident. Everyone — whether you are a first-generation immigrant or part of a multi-generational farm family — deserves an effective state government and elected representatives who care about providing quality of life for all."
Wale Elegbede Olmsted District 7
“What really drives me is my belief that good ethical leaders have a responsibility to bring about positive change for everyone in the communities, organizations they serve.“
Regina Mustafa Olmsted District 5
"Responding to today's challenges with collaboration and common-sense leadership

Collaboration lies at the core of a vibrant community."
Stephanie Podulke Olmsted District 1
“As county commissioner, I work to be an advocate for children and early childhood education and to be a voice for people who are disenfranchised."
Justin Cook for School Board Seat 1
"Our greatest opportunity, our greatest potential lies in meaningfully addressing systemic educational inequity. Achieving the cultural shifts necessary to unleash the full potential of each and every student offers the highest value proposition of any one area for improvement at RPS."
Karen MackLaughlin School Board Seat 3
"A 'good education' for all students starts with thoughtful and creative decisions and a welcoming school environment."
Dr. Jess Garcia School Board Seat 7
“Teachers, families, and the community are valuable resources in the pursuit towards supporting our students to become the best version of themselves."
Molly Dennis for City Council Ward 6
"I pledge to amplify the voices of the under-represented, listen to your voice, and speak truth to power. I want to create a better tomorrow where everyone, regardless of their circumstances of birth, is able to succeed."
Brooke Carlson for City Council Presiden
“Please join me in bringing voices together to Reimagine Rochester as a just community where all can thrive."
Michael Wojcik for City Council Ward 2
“Courage is not having the strength to go on; it is going on when you don’t have the strength.” - Teddy Roosevelt
Kelly Kirkpatrick for City Council Ward
"I care deeply for my hometown of Rochester. As a community leader, I advocate for a sustainable economy, safe neighborhoods, and a healthy environment. If elected, I will continue to work tirelessly to make Ward 4 a thriving section of our growing city."
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