4,181 Thank Yous!

After the August 11, 2020 primary the final vote count was not enough to move us on to the November 3rd ballot. However, we did receive 4,181 (22.77%) of all votes. That's is an incredible number of supporters who believed in me and the progressive ideas that we stood on for a just and equitable community. We believe in quality higher education for all, livable wages, affordable housing, environmental justice, closing the racial wealth gap, and politics of compassion.

"When we all do better, we all do better." -- Paul Wellstone

This campaign has been an incredible journey. I want to show my deep gratitude to all who have supported our campaign for Rochester's City Council President and for helping to create a campaign that has had a profound impact on me and Rochester. I want to thank you all for imagining with me what a just and caring Rochester could look like. We will continue to make great strides to dismantle systemic racism in other ways.

Stay active. Stay engaged. Stay informed. Vote.

Thanks, again for all your kind words, time, talents, and treasure!

Be well and stay safe,

Vangie Castro, Former Candidate for City Council President

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