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Lent Lesson of the Day 18

#COVID19 Social (Mental) Distancing Log Day 03162020

You Shouldn't Put Your Personal Life on Social Media. Fuck That Shit!.

I've struggled with depression my whole life. I've managed it with years of therapy, medication and I also have a high threshold for pain and suffering. In the last 10 years I've lost my father, 2 close friends to suicide, my mother, three meaningful romantic relationships, and three different jobs. Change is always happening, loss is inevitable, and grief comes with those losses. Healing, we hope is the byproduct of grief.

I've had a tough four months with a lot of changes and loss. It's been really difficult to navigate so many emotions coming at me all at once. At times I've felt like I was circling the drain and close to getting sucked into the dark abyss of nothingness. Healing seemed unattainable.

#mentalhealthawareness #LivingMyBestMidwestLife #LentLessons2020

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