What to Watch for Election 2020: Rochester School Board Races


"There are few subjects more important to voters this cycle than the state of our public education system. With debate swirling about whether and how to reopen schools, candidates should be prepared to face difficult questions about what the district can do to ensure students are receiving an adequate education in the midst of a pandemic.

"The timing of the elections, too, will play a significant role in where the discussion ends up. Rochester Public Schools has outlined an initial plan for the first two months of the school year with most elementary schoolers starting with a hybrid model, while most middle and high school students will continue with the distance learning model. But by mid-October, only a few weeks ahead of Election Day, the conversation about what to do next is going to heat up. Gov. Tim Walz has given district’s flexibility to adjust their plans along the way, though it is impossible to say where the community will be a couple of months from now in its fight against the coronavirus.

"Further, it is unclear what kind of impact that pressure from parents — a large chunk of potential voters — will play in the board’s decision-making. A recent survey from Rochester Public Schools found that a majority of parents support their child going back to school in some capacity, whether all in-person or through a hybrid model" (Source: MedCity Beat).

The candidates for Rochester School Board are:

Position 1:

Don Barlow (I) vs. Justin Cook

Position 3:

Deborah Seelinger (I) vs. Karen MacLaughlin

Position 7:

Mark Schleusner (I) vs. Dr. Jess Garcia

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