@votevangie Endorses Brooke Carleson for Rochester City Council President

Hello, this is Vangie Castro, you might remember me as a former candidate for Rochester City Council President. Well, I'm back to tell you how important your vote is this November 3. Early Voting for Minnesotans begins this Friday, September 18 for in person and mail-in voting. You can get more voter information at the MN Secretary of State website.

So, The anticipation is over. I ran for Rochester City Council President because I believe in good governance, transparency and integrity. I stood on a platform of progressive ideas. I support ending police brutality and believe that #BlackLivesMatter. I know that immigrants and refugees have contributed greatly to the strength and vitality of this community, and I advocate for being good stewards of our land and all the creatures that live on it. I am confident that Brooke Carlson will be able to move forward the policies and progressive ideas that I and my supporters believe in.

I'm not a loser because I now that we all will be winners when we elect Brooke Carlson as our next Rochester City Council President.

We are at a critical inflection point in our social and political history and I know that Brooke is on the right side of history when it comes to standing for policies that will help all Rochester residents heal and move through this global pandemic and public health crisis of racism and apathy.

It is time to put the reins of leadership in the kind, caring, and compassionate hands of a new generation of leaders. Let's stop voting for the same people who continue to harm our planet, divide our communities, and create public distrust. I trust Brooke to lead with integrity. And I hope you trust Brooke with your vote and to lead our great city into the future.

Be well, Stay safe, and Mask Up!

I approve this message. Thank you!

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