What's Up Wednesdays: Reboot

What's Up Wednesdays: January 6, 2021

2021 looked at 2020 and said, "hold my beer!" Sigh. We thought it would be a less weird year. But, it actually is officially coo-coo bonkers.

It's been a crazy day at the nation's Capitol. It seems that Trump supporters, now domestic terrorist, stormed the Capitol building and started an insurrection on the American government, in the "People's House." Unfortunately, months of our current President lying about a stolen election (baseless claims I may add) has stoked the flames of extremism and complete Trumpian Anarchy. I will say that I was not surprised and like any classic narcissist he planned on destroying everything on his way out. Even if that means our democracy.

The Biden/Harris for President/Vice-President was certified by the joint Congress after the mobs were cleared out and the Capitol Senate floor was cleaned up. They reconvened at 8pm EST to count the votes and certify the Presidential election. Finally.

Senators-elect Rev. Warnock and Ossoff will be heading to Washington DC, which also means Dems now control the White House, House, and Senate. It's a good day and Trump actually did help make America great again, in a weird way. Mostly, by giving Black, Indigenous, and People of Color something to galvanize around to vote for and against. Voted for equity and justice, and against tyranny. Thank the Black women, thank all the organizers, and coalitions that turned Georgia blue. When CoVid travel restrictions are lifted, I'm going to Georgia to give them all my stimulus money. Thank the goddess, that Dems after ten years were able to flip the Senate. Now, our hope is that we will be able to pass some CoVid relief and progressive policies to help lift us out of this toxic burning wasteland we have been living in for the past year.

In local news, the new City Councilmembers took their oath of office this past Monday, and two new #RPS Board Directors took their oaths on Tuesday. Congratulations to my friends and looking forward to what the year will bring in the current local political climate. It's already a beautiful start topped off with an unsuccessful Wednesday Coup d'état. Yet, frighteningly emblematic of the lack of political will and leadership, locally and nationally, to steam the white supremacist's rhetoric and bold lies by the current President.

This IS America.

In other news, @votevangie and #WhatsUpWednesdays are back. We hope to provide you with some local and national political insights.

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