What's Up Wednesdays: Season 2 Episode 5 | Race & Equity In The News

What's Up Wednesdays 02.03.2021:

In celebration of Black History Month I'll focus on news that addresses issues around race and equity. Especially, any news that is political and may help to change racist policies of the past.

First off one of President Biden's first Executive Order was on Racial Equity. He said, "Those 8 minutes and 46 seconds that took George Floyd’s life opened the eyes of millions of Americans and millions of people around — all over the world. It was the knee on the neck of justice, and it wouldn’t be forgotten. It stirred the conscience of tens of millions of Americans, and, in my view, it marked a turning point in this country’s attitude toward racial justice…

…That’s why I issued, among the first days, my whole-of-government executive order that will, for the first time, advance equity for all throughout our federal policies and institutions. It focuses on the full range of communities who have been long underserved and overlooked: people of color; Americans with disabilities; LGBTQ Americans; religious minorities; rural, urban, suburban communities facing persistent poverty. "

This EO also reversed what the last administration tried to push forward as their white nationalist agenda and erasure of the Black American experience by turning back any anti-bias and equity training that discussed race theory.

The #BlackLivesMatter Movement was nominated for the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize. They cite that the global impact of the movement bringing awareness and consciousness to racial injustice. I approve of this nomination. It's reminiscent of the nomination of Dr. King's Nobel Peace Prize. Awarded in 1964, "for his leadership of the Civil Rights movement and steadfast commitment to achieving racial justice through nonviolent action."

I hope #BLM wins.


Remarks by President Biden at Signing of an Executive Order on Racial Equity - https://www.whitehouse.gov/briefing-room/speeches-remarks/2021/01/26/remarks-by-president-biden-at-signing-of-an-executive-order-on-racial-equity/

Black Lives Matter movement nominated for Nobel peace prize - https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/jan/29/black-lives-matter-nobel-peace-prize-petter-eide-norweigan-mp

Martin Luther King Jr Nobel Peace Prize Facts - https://www.nobelprize.org/prizes/peace/1964/king/facts/

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